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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Short Story


Andy Smeltzer is running in his first half marathon to help raise money for the Beavers Family. Due to a lapse in insurance coverage, and two surgeries, their medical bills are reaching the $100,000 mark. All of the proceeds donated will go toward reducing this medical debt.

Al and Phyllis Beavers are a symbol of all that is good in Fairfield County. Through their dedication and effort:

***American Legion Post 11 Baseball Program has given young men the opportunity to grow physically and mentally.

***Beavers Field has become one of the best amateur facilities in the State of Ohio.

Donations for the Beavers Family Medical Account can be made:

1) At any Fairfield Federal Savings & Loan


2) By mailing a check made out to the Beavers Family Medical Account to: Run for the Beavers Family, 425 Marquette Dr. NE, Lancaster, Ohio 43130

Questions and comments can be sent to post11memories@yahoo.com

Please note: In order to ensure that the benefit received by the Beavers Family does not cause further hardship, your contribution is not tax deductible.

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